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Normal is far from Normal

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Life is a fickle beast.

It’s hard to believe, life as we knew it has ceased to exist. Every aspect of our lives is being changed and we have a choice, strap in for the ride or be the change that we want to see.

Fast forward to today, just 90 days into 2020 and we are faced with some of the most challenging decisions we could have imagined. Most of us have had to implement our Disaster Response plans and are working through the things that we expected and those no one thought of. That’s the challenge when we implement “Plans”, we inevitably are faced with decisions that don’t fit nicely into one of our boxes. We are forced to innovate, adapt and overcome those challenges in real time.

One of the major challenges faced by Healthcare providers at all levels is the need to Communicate both internally as well as externally. Your Team needs to be in sync with what and how they will move forward and your Patients, their families and the public in general needs to see empathy, consistency and solutions.

This is especially true when it comes to Financial concerns. The need to maintain “Business as Usual” rests on many shoulders and the reality is that we have an opportunity to reset, look at how we approach Payments and pivot to a better more efficient approach for the future. Over the past several weeks we have seen an amazing increase in the number of facilities and providers that have reached out to us asking for solutions to their financial and communications gaps. They have seen disruption in their revenue that threatens their operations and need immediate help.

One of the more common practices for bridging the communication gap is to enlist the help of a “Force Multiplier” a partner that can seamlessly step in and augment your current resources while maintaining your Brand and Culture. The number one concern is continuity of Care from all sides. This is especially important when we look at the diversity of this global interruption. Every entry point of the healthcare infrastructure is anticipating being stress tested beyond capacity and we are standing on the edge looking into the abys, wondering about the future.

Millennia is that “Force Multiplier”.

Millennia is a Patient Payment and Experience company that provides a complete technology solution for payment processing, eligibility, estimation, and patient payments. Unlike most vendors, we also provide a concierge services layer over top of our technology that in turn gives our clients unapparelled patient payment reimbursement, all the while providing a fantastic patient experience. Our proprietary Millennia Platform manages all aspects of our patient engagement solution, making sure that our white labeled Patient Statements, MobilePay, Portal, IVR, and Concierge Call Center all stay in sync while bringing 2 to 4x the national averages in patient payment recovery totals. We are not an Early Out, Bad Debt, or Payment Technology-only vendor, but rather a true patient payment and engagement partner from Day 1 onward.

During the COVID-19 health crisis, we are proud to provide the following technology and services:

• With our deep experience with 70+ HIS systems, including Epic and Cerner, we will implement large hospitals and/or physician groups in quicker than 60 days. Some, we can even do under 30 days. This means, in the time of need, we can stand you up fast. This speed to implement is not our best case, this is our standard case.
• As part of our service, a free onshore concierge staff to support your facility and/or hospital for both inbound and outbound calls. Our state-of-the-art physical and virtual call center is standing by to give you the FTE bandwidth you need immediately, all the while keeping your patients satisfied.
• All of this requires zero staff from you, the customer. No need to focus on absenteeism, policy, or regulations. No need to hire IT or move your IT focus off something you need. We handle everything, providing continuous services to keep your revenue whole and patients happy.

Dan is a results-driven healthcare executive and business leader with over 20 years of experience. Connect on LinkedIn at