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Client Success – Premier Orthopaedics

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As the largest orthopaedic group in Delaware and Chester counties in Pennsylvania, Premier Orthopaedics has a stellar reputation to uphold in their community.

Their mission as displayed on their website is, “at Premier Orthopaedics, everything we do is done through the eyes of our patients”. Premier provides patients with the full spectrum of orthopaedic services and patients trust Premier for their experience, expertise and commitment to exceptional patient care.

With the bar set so high, Premier was hesitant to outsource their patient billing, however, they recognized they had room for improvement in this area. As they began to discuss the possibility of using Millennia, they were impressed with what Millennia had to offer and its commitment to engaging with patients. They were also excited to see Millennia aligned its mission to theirs, so they became a partner in March 2017, starting with just one of their Divisions.

What they have found is that the patient experience is enhanced, not disrupted, as Millennia truly mimics the patient culture Premier is known for, while adding technological advancements and features to the practice’s offerings. Stott has remarked specifically on how impressed Premier has been with the various ways a patient can make payments. Another favorite is the customized patient billing portal that offers a wide range of information on how the insurance and billing process works as well as details about Premier Orthopaedics’ policies and procedures. In addition, Millennia has been able to continually drive a phenomenal average self-pay recovery rate of over 70%, increasing revenue and cash to Premier, while reducing expense and burden.

Since the beginning of their relationship with Millennia, Premier Orthopaedics’ satisfaction has led to 8 additional divisions being added across the organization. This growth as partners shows the commitment both Millennia and Premier have to Premier’s patients and the lasting relationship they will have together.