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Guide to Boosting Your Medical Practice's Cash Flow

Guide to Boosting Your Medical Practice’s Cash Flow

Medical payment collection can be a sore point for many organizations that struggle to improve revenue and avoid late or missed payments while keeping patients happy and meeting their needs. Neglecting to implement a robust patient collection process can leave your medical practice’s finances in the red. In this post, we will discuss how to improve patient collections and increase cash flow in your healthcare facility.  8 Ways to Boost Your Medical Practice’sCash Flow  If you’re wondering how a healthcare organization can improve cash flow,

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01 The Importance Of Healthcare Cybersecurity Rev03

The Importance of Healthcare Cybersecurity 

Healthcare organizations continually face security threats and data breaches from various digital avenues that can put patient safety, health and privacy at risk. These threats are becoming more prevalent with the rising reliance on technology, including smartphones, tablets, apps, digital medical records and smart medical equipment. Because so many day-to-day aspects of healthcare depend on software, it is critical that facilities know how common these attacks are and how their insecure systems may be contributing to the issue. We’ll analyze how to maintain healthcare cybersecurity as well

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Are Your Text Messages to Patients HIPAA Compliant?

HIPAA-compliant texting is a complicated topic in healthcare. On one hand, texting patients without their consent or mishandling personal medical information can lead to consequences for you and your healthcare facility. Without the right security and access control in place, an employee’s honest mistake can turn into a severe penalty.  On the other hand, there are ways to implement convenient text messaging solutions that align with HIPAA regulations and keep you compliant. By using a unified healthcare platform that helps you stay compliant with HIPAA,

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01 Benefit Digital Payment

5 Ways Your Practice Can Benefit From Offering Digital Payments

By implementing an inclusive solution for all your patient’s non-clinical needs, you can boost their satisfaction and engagement to help drive revenue for your facility. Today, healthcare organizations can stay on top of the latest digital trends by providing multiple ways for patients to interact and engage with them, especially when it’s time to pay copays or bills.  A unified patient solution can make your most essential processes — including receiving payments — much more efficient, from pre-arrival to post-visit. Below, we’ll review the advantages

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How to Enhance Patient Experience With Healthcare Technology  

Positive patient encounters can improve retention rates and boost your facility’s success overall. One notable way to improve patient experience is with healthcare technology. These digital solutions can transform existing processes, allowing for more efficiency and accessibility.  Learn more about the benefits of healthcare technology and how it can help improve your patient experience. The Importance of Patient Experience in Healthcare Delivering a positive patient experience should be a central goal for all healthcare facilities. And this experience goes beyond clinical care — it consists

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The Benefits of Card on File Payments for Healthcare Patients and Providers

Managing payments is crucial for both providers and patients. Patients are responsible for keeping track of expenses and meeting deadlines for services. Healthcare providers use a wide range of payment methods to allow patients to stay on track and successfully pay for their treatment and services. One way to streamline payment procedures is with card on file payments. These systems can store a patient’s payment information so providers can use the details again later. A credit card on file policy for medical offices can increase efficiency

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How to Improve Culture in Your Healthcare Organization With Millennia

Your healthcare organization’s culture impacts how you approach your work and patient interactions. This shared collection of beliefs and practices can influence patient and employee well-being. By creating a positive environment, you can boost patient satisfaction and earn more revenue over time.  Learn how to improve organizational culture and how Millennia can help. What Is Organizational Culture and Why Does It Matter? Organizational culture is the shared collection of beliefs, values and behaviors that define an organization. For healthcare organizations, the culture impacts the way

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How to Use Healthcare Technology to Accelerate Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare organizations need to accelerate their revenue cycle management (RCM) to be successful. They can do this by leveraging the proper healthcare technology. With effective RCM, your healthcare organization can offer services that protect your patients’ well-being and health.  RCM technology requires healthcare leaders to work together and communicate well to maintain peak conditions throughout the revenue cycle. Poor performance in RCM can lead to lost revenue, which is why improving and accelerating RCM is crucial. RCM begins when one of your patients schedules an

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Answering the Call for Financial Transparency: Best Practices for Achieving Financial Transparency

It’s a simple approach, but difficult to execute. At the end of the day, you need to invest in the right people, processes, and technology.   1. Make proactive, adaptable, and digital patient communication a top priority.  When it comes to communication–the earlier, the better. To fully engage your patients, you must invest in a robust communication system. Don’t wait to get critical information from your patients until they check-in. Most, if not all, check-in information can be done digitally before a patient presents at your

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7 Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction

Like any business, healthcare practices are highly concerned with patient satisfaction. Some are even graded on it through the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS). Whether they come from an external assessment or internal checks, patient satisfaction scores play a big role in how likely patients are to return and recommend you to others. It can also affect your standing in the healthcare industry, with poor scores on the HCAHPS even limiting reimbursement. Improving patient satisfaction depends on a broad range of

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