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Michigan Ear Institute continues care with a personal touch even after the appointment ends with Millennia.

Michigan Ear Institute is one of the nation’s leading surgical groups specializing in hearing, dizziness, inner ear skull base, and facial nerve disorders in adults and kids. Having been in business for years, they are known for their expertise as well as their personal connection with their patients. However, their patient recovery needed help and was nowhere near where they wanted it to be. As they began looking into outside companies for assistance, they were looking for a company that offered both the revenue lift they desired as well as the personal touch their patients needed. When they discovered Millennia, they were excited about the company but hesitant to engage as Millennia was not local to Michigan.

However, after extensive discussions and research, Michigan Ear Institute became a member of the Millennia family in January of 2015. Since that time, the partnership has continued to grow and excel while maintaining the same quality patient care MEI was known for. Carol Jamros-Sawtell, MEI’s Billing Director summarizes the experience this way:

“I was hesitant to have an outside company that was out of state take on our patient accounts as our patients are used to being handled with a personal touch. To our surprise and awe, Millennia has been such a blessing to our practice. Our patient pay balances have dropped dramatically, their customer service is outstanding, and their promptness and accuracy are incredible. Also, the ease of using the Millennia portal is so refreshing. The data that they are able to display in an easy-read format is exactly what the physicians are looking for. Overall, we look forward to many more years with the Millennia family.”

Further, MEI has continued to see an increase in revenue consistently throughout the relationship. Millennia is a dynamic company, constantly growing and evolving, developing better, more efficient ways to maximize patient revenue. These benefits are passed directly to Millennia clients, making the program not only beneficial to the patients, but to the practices as well. Recently, Carol also commented that they are seeing “record-breaking” deposits each week, an additional continuing testament to the benefit of their Millennia partnership.

The ability to not lose the personal patient touch while maximizing revenue is exactly why so many practices are joining the Millennia family and why Millennia will continue to see unprecedented growth in 2019 and years to come.

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