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Digital Patient Intake Technology


Digital Patient Intake Technology

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A patient arrives for their appointment a few minutes late and is somewhat flustered. They approach your front desk only to find they’ve forgotten their paperwork or other crucial intake information like their medical insurance card. This scenario has two likely outcomes — a delay or a reschedule. Neither creates a good patient experience.

If this situation sounds like a fairly common occurrence in your organization, Millennia can help. We’re a market-leading provider of patient check-in systems and digital patient intake technology that provide a better experience for pre-arrival and arrival. With our solution, your facility can drive engagement, improve the patient journey and increase revenue.



Make Intake Easier With Contactless Patient Intake and Processing

Millennia Access is your answer for contactless patient intake and patient intake software — a single interface with all the tools you need for more efficient check-ins and streamlined workflows. Our application includes:

  • Contactless patient intake forms: Electronic patient intake forms help eliminate lost and incomplete paperwork. They also provide a more enjoyable patient experience than completing paper forms in the waiting room.
  • Digital patient check-in methods: Our patient check-in software supports various registration channels. Users can choose from virtual, mobile or kiosk methods according to their preference.
  • A better patient registration system: We help you empower your patients to enter their demographic data. That can reduce errors in key information, like a unique name spelling.
  • Automated verification and estimates: Our platform automatically validates insurance information for better payer confidence. Plus, we generate the required patient payment estimates as part of the process.
  • Electronic consent and payment capture: Millennia Access integrates digital signature and payment processing tools into the platform. Doing so helps meet today’s need for contactless patient intake.
  • Electronic health record (EHR) integration: Our platform integrates with most EHR providers. Information patients enter online transfers directly into your EHR with no redundant data entry.
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Benefits of Patient Check-In Software and Digital Intake and Processing Service

Using Millennia Access empowers your organization with high-value benefits, including:

  • More accurate patient health information: Seemingly innocent things like messy handwriting can lead to mistakes in a patient’s charts if someone misinterprets something. Digital tools and patient intake technology help you maintain the integrity of your patient’s information to improve the early stages of the patient journey.
  • Cost savings: An average-sized practice’s printing costs can quickly reach hundreds of dollars each day just on intake forms. Adopting an affordable digital solution for patient intake forms means less spending on paper, ink and toner.
  • Higher patient satisfaction: When patients fill out forms online pre-arrival, they spend less time sitting in your waiting room. That efficiency means more on-time appointments that improve patients’ perceptions of your organization and gets them back in the office for their next appointment.
  • Time savings: Empowering patients to complete their information electronically means your team doesn’t have to do so. Your staff can focus more on patient care and other ways to improve your practice instead of transcribing paper forms to your EHR.

Take It Up a Notch With Millennia Complete

Millennia Access has a companion program that truly brings end-to-end non-clinical practice management to life — Millennia Recover. This technology provides digital services to improve patient engagement and payment collection, including:

Together, we call it Millennia Complete. Leveraging both tools simultaneously allows you full, customizable control over your workflows to create better patient satisfaction and boost your cash flow.



See What Millennia Can Do for You

At Millennia, we specialize in filling the needs of modern healthcare providers with our patient registration software, contactless patient intake, and online patient form solutions. We’d love to show you our powerful platforms in action and how they create a better front-end experience and enhance revenue. Contact us online to schedule your free consultation now!

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