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Our Comprehensive Solution Includes All the Features You Need

The patient side of the revenue cycle requires multiple, sometimes labor-intensive processes to ensure optimal revenue recovery. Millennia’s Patient Payment Solution brings together all those processes in one unified solution.

Your Solution for Patient Payment Collection

When you implement Millennia Patient Payment Solution, technology, services, and engagement intelligence features work together to enable digital payment, increase revenue, reduce costs and improve patient satisfaction. The Millennia Patient Payment Solution is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), to create a patient-centric strategy to allow patients to engage and adopt technology that they choose.

Pre-Visit Module Improves Efficiency, Reduces Errors

Our pre-visit module offers a set of features that improve efficiency, reduce errors and payment delays due to incomplete information and increase patient engagement. These features consist of:

  • Digital patient forms: Digital intake forms help eliminate incomplete paperwork and provide a better patient experience – no more filling out paper forms in the waiting room.  
  • Insurance eligibility verification: Automated insurance verification features allow you to confirm patient insurance information prior to their visit. Additionally, digital patient data capture helps prevent potential insurance claim errors.
  • Patient payment estimates: Our good faith estimation tool helps you provide accurate cost estimates to patients so they can plan for medical expenses.
  • Pre-payments: Our pre-payment feature allows your practice to collect care payments before appointments, preventing patient no-shows and ensuring you receive money for scheduled services.
  • Past Due Balances: Our solution allows us to pull the patient’s past due balance forward and present it to them prior to their appointment, increasing the likelihood of collection and reduction of bad debt.


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The Millennia Patient Payment Solution's Innovative Features

Millennia is dedicated to helping healthcare organizations increase revenue through enhanced patient experiences and streamlined patient financial journeys utilizing technology. We provide a comprehensive solution that engages your patients and improves their pre-visit and post-visit experiences. With our technology-led features, you can streamline all aspects of the patient revenue cycle – from insurance verification, payment processes, data collection and patient satisfaction.

At Millennia, we believe patient experiences are central to increasing revenue. Contact us to learn more about how Millennia Patient Payment Solution can help you collect more patient revenue.

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Learn how Millennia can simplify the patient side of revenue cycle

Millennia developed our comprehensive solution to help healthcare organizations reduce administrative burden, increase patient revenue collection, and ensure a smooth patient financial journey. Schedule a risk-free assessment and consultation today!