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Streamlining Orthopedic Patient Billing: Tips From OrthoNY’s Success

Streamlining Orthopedic Patient Billing: Tips from OrthoNY’s Success OrthoNY provides innovative orthopedic care for patients in Albany, New York. As a 70-provider orthopedic group, OrthoNY is a multi-specialty clinic with a single specialty — to preserve active lifestyles by providing personalized joint and bone care. After opening in 2014, OrthoNY quickly grew in scale and reputation. With over 177,000 patient visits and 25,000 surgeries performed a year, the demand and complexity of their administrative tasks became difficult to handle. In particular, OrthoNY was challenged by

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Maximize Your ROI With Healthcare Technology

Maximize Your ROI With Healthcare Technology Healthcare organizations face numerous challenges, such as staff shortages, outdated intake practices, billing errors and reimbursement claims. These factors can impact your facility’s reputation and profitability, which is why focusing on solutions to address these obstacles is vital. Healthcare technology is one of the solutions more practices are using to address these challenges. Digital healthcare software, platforms and integrations provide versatile features and benefits to rectify medical facility challenges like inefficient processes, revenue loss and staff burnout. These solutions

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Improve Patient Engagement With Automated Workflows to Increase Revenue

Improve Patient Engagement With Automated Workflows to Increase Revenue As a healthcare provider, you always seek new ways to elevate the patient experience and boost your revenue. However, improving patient satisfaction and engagement extends far beyond one-on-one care. Using automated solutions, your organization can create a streamlined, unified patient journey from patient intake to the moment they pay their bill with the end goal of increasing revenue. Today’s effective patient billing processes combine modern and patient-friendly technology, advanced analytics and workflow automation to drive a

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01 How To Drive Success In Medical Practice Management In 2024

Driving Success in Medical Practice Revenue Cycle Management Systems in 2024

Driving Success in Medical Practice Revenue Cycle Management Systems in 2024 As we near the quarter-of-a-century mark in 2024, revenue cycle management systems will be even more critical for medical practices. These digital solutions help providers support digital engagement and streamline the patient journey to increase revenue. The Importance of Revenue Cycle Management Systems Streamlining revenue cycle and patient payment processes improves workflow and patient experience, positively impacting the bottom line. An efficient system is important for various reasons, including: Current Challenges Affecting Medical Practice

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01 5 Reasons To Increase Your Healthcare It Budget In 2024

5 Reasons to Increase Your Healthcare IT Budget in 2024

5 Reasons To Increase Your Healthcare IT Budget in 2024 With emerging technologies helping healthcare facilities manage shrinking labor shortages and rising costs, many healthcare information technology (IT) leaders are upping their investment. In fact, more than 85% of health systems are augmenting their 2024 digital and healthcare IT spending, with the goal to improve operational efficiency and enhance the consumer experience.  Investments primarily focus on digital care, cybersecurity, electronic health record (EHR) modernization, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. To stay ahead of the competition, you’ll

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01 Build Healthcare Tech Stack

Tips To Building Your Healthcare Tech Stack

Tips to Building Your Healthcare Tech Stack Today’s businesses must establish diverse and integrated technology and software to ensure smooth and efficient operations. Healthcare providers typically rely on a suite of software tools and applications to meet their business and operational needs.  Whether you are an administrator or manager for dermatology, urology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, orthopedic or other practices, you have likely come across the idea of technology or health tech stacks and wondered how they can assist with your healthcare modernization. The idea of collating a healthcare tech

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Millennia names Ankit Sharma Chief Technology Officer

Millennia is excited to announce the appointment of Ankit Sharma as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Ankit joined Millennia as its Chief Data and Analytics Officer in December 2021 and assumes the role of Chief Technology Officer as Millennia enters an exciting next phase of growth. With this appointment, Millennia is aligning all aspects of technology – engineering, data, and information technology – under a single leader. “The strategic alignment of engineering, data, and information technology under Ankit’s leadership will propel Millennia forward as a leader in patient payment

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Health Care Provider and Hospital Outsourcing Market Size and Expansion Rate Projections

How Outsourcing Helps Health Care Teams Succeed Outsourcing can offer dramatic benefits to health care organizations. Our technology solutions, for example, can help you offer a seamless experience with end-to-end resources throughout the patient journey. Other outsourced tasks might include billing or home health services. Like technology, they can help reduce staffing requirements and improve quality. But these benefits all depend on working with trustworthy partners. Research shows outsourcing in hospitals and health care organizations is gaining traction. Globally, analysts predict a compound annual growth

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01 Guide Hospital Price Transparency

Guide to Health Care Price Transparency in 2023

Guide to Health Care Transparency in 2023 Thanks to the increasing complexity of health care costs, price transparency has become a major industry initiative. Several pieces of legislation are changing the way health care organizations must present pricing information, ideally leading to a better patient journey and more trust between patients and providers. With the right systems in place, providers can build this journey, improve engagement with patients and ultimately boost revenue. Let’s explore the landscape of hospital price transparency in 2023 and how your

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2024 Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management and Payment Trends

  2024 Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management and Payment Trends Many healthcare organizations have faced challenges in 2023, from industry-wide staffing shortages to adopting telehealth to keeping up with digitized healthcare. As the year comes to a close, your healthcare facility can look to emerging solutions to stay ahead of the curve in 2024. Healthcare data analytics offer so much more than transparency into your expenses. Today, it plays a vital role in your facility’s revenue cycle management (RCM) framework. Thanks to ever-evolving technology, healthcare facilities can transform their

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