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Perfecting Patient Payments

Since our inception, Millennia has been 100% focused on streamlining and enhancing the patient payment experience to deliver better financial results for healthcare providers and a superior experience for patients. Millennia serves as an extension of your team with white-labeled technology and services driven by your brand and culture. Through more than 1 billion patient interactions, Millennia has gathered an unrivaled understanding of patient payment behaviors – and uses that intelligence to continuously innovate and refine the Millennia Patient Payment Solution.

As patient financial responsibility continues to rise, our ability to personalize the payment process leads to better results. Healthcare providers exceed financial goals and patients have a positive experience from pre-visit through final payment.


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Handle over $400 million in payments every year



Serve 1,800+ facilities across 43 different states



Help providers recover 2–4 times the national average in patient payments



Enable a 98% patient satisfaction rate



Over 1B patient interactions drive continuous innovation.

Millennia Purpose

 Everyone at Millennia is focused on delivering a solution that helps healthcare providers exceed financial goals and delight their patients with a personalized payment process from pre-visit through final payment.

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