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Healthcare Portfolio Companies


Millennia Patient Payment Solution

Millennia delivers a personalized payment process that drives providers’ financial results with a positive patient experience. Healthcare portfolio companies share the same challenges as most providers when it comes to maximizing revenue from patient self-pay, but with one additional challenge – scaling operations.

Millennia aligns with our private equity partners to not only manage the transition to our Millennia Patient Payment Solution but to drive adoption as practices are added to their portfolio.

We have created and successfully implemented a “plug and play” solution that scales as practices and locations are acquired. This approach is proven to be more successful and drive higher performance when compared to results at similar organizations that are physician-owned or not private equity-owned. 



Millennia Improves the Patient Side of Revenue Cycle

Millennia Patient Payment Solution, which combines technology, people, and AI-powered engagement intelligence, gets superior results compared to technology or people alone.

  • Provides an immediate lift as new, lower performing partners are acquired
  • Increases revenue significantly within the first year
  • Drives meaningful increases in enterprise value
  • Eliminates the challenges of scaling operations related to patient payments
  • Reduces the cost to collect patient payments

One of our private equity-owned dermatology clients appreciates that, “Millennia solves the problem of patient payments without the provider having to add more people to the problem.”

The Proof Is in the Results

250+ physician, multi-state dermatology group
  • 79% of patient revenue collected with Millennia vs. 28% before Millennia partnership
  • 182% increase in revenue
  • 97% patient satisfaction 
  • 60% revenue collected in first 30 days
200+ physician, national ophthalmology group
  • 74% of patient revenue collected with Millennia vs. 40% before Millennia partnership
  • 86% increase in revenue
  • 96% patient satisfaction 
  • 65% revenue collected in first 30 days
100+ physician, orthopaedic group & surgical centers
  • 76% of patient revenue collected with Millennia vs. 50% before Millennia partnership
  • 52% increase in revenue
  • 98% patient satisfaction 
  • 54% revenue collected in first 30 days


See How Millennia Helps Private Equity Backed Practices

If you’re looking for a patient payment solution that enhances communication and improves the patient financial experience, choose Millennia. Our combination of technology and service helps lower your cost to collect and increase patient revenue. Schedule a risk-free assessment and consultation today!

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