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Patient Payment Analytics


Real-Time Analytics

Revenue cycle data analysis is a crucial part of tracking payment trends, improving processes and ensuring patient satisfaction. The Millennia Patient Payment Solution offers a full suite of real-time analytics, reports and dashboards. Data analytics provide your practice with insights you can use to increase revenue, enhance patient experiences and identify areas of improvement.

Millennia’s analytics are pulled using data in our analytics platform. The data and reports provided allow our clients to see how Millennia is performing and learn more about how patients are interacting with Millennia.


Revenue Cycle Analytics for Healthcare

The Millennia Patient Payment Solution presents data on dashboards built in PowerBI, helping you easily visualize your data, review insights, and identify areas of improvement in your patient payment and revenue cycle processes.

  • Real-time Analytics: Easy access to engagement metrics, account details, payment information, revenue recovery reporting, and patient satisfaction measurements
  • Alert Analytics: Real-time monitoring analytics to ensure smooth processing and optimum revenue recovery, with built-in trigger warnings when unusual performance is detected
  • Client Performance Analytics: Regular reviews conducted by your Millennia Client Support Manager to review your organization’s results, trends, and overall Millennia performance
  • Custom Reporting: Request customized views of any of the data available via the Millennia analytics platform

Dedicated Client Support

Each Millennia client is assigned a Client Support Manager for day-to-day communication, research, escalations and issue resolution, and general account management responsibilities. Your Millennia representative will work with you to establish a regular cadence of business reviews with your team. During the business review, we will review analytics and performance to identify opportunities to improve your results.

“We trust the Millennia team to move our business forward by coming to the table with solutions to our challenges and addressing issues with transparency and professionalism.”


Increase Revenue With Millennia's Real-Time Analytics

The Millennia Patient Payment Solution features streamlined dashboards, insightful analytics and customized reports so you can visualize your data easily and determine the best ways to enhance patient experiences. Explore our features and schedule a consultation to learn more about how we can help you increase revenue in your practice.

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