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01 5 Surprising Ways Mobile Pay Can Streamline Healthcare Revenue Recovery Re 2 Min

5 Surprising Ways Mobile Pay Can Streamline Healthcare Revenue Recovery

In today’s increasingly digital world, mobile payment solutions have gained widespread popularity across various industries, including healthcare. Beyond the convenience and security they offer, mobile payment technologies can also play a significant role in streamlining hospital revenue recovery. From improving patient collections to reducing administrative burden, leveraging mobile pay in healthcare settings can bring surprising benefits to revenue management. Below, we cover the best way to collect money from patients and how mobile pay can streamline healthcare revenue recovery, revolutionizing the financial landscape for healthcare providers. Revenue

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Is ChatGPT really ready to help healthcare professionals help their patients?  

Not a day goes by when the talk of technology revolves around ChatGPT. Thousands of articles are driving perspectives around the use of ChatGPT, as well as cautionary tales noting how the use of AI and solutions like ChatGPT can go wrong or even harm businesses and individuals. Like any new innovation, there is always great skepticism and a sense of excitement and opportunity as well. The good news is that AI innovation is clearly alive and kicking and already proving itself with various healthcare

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01 Improve Self Pay Follow Up

6 Tips to Improve Your Self-Pay A/R Follow-Up Strategy

Your healthcare facility’s success depends on steady revenue from patients. Missed or overdue payments can disrupt cash flow, making it harder to cover expenses. Your accounts receivable (A/R) displays the balance owed to your facility by patients, helping you keep track of unpaid expenses. Improving your A/R follow-up strategy lets you maintain a healthier revenue cycle. You can implement various strategies to decrease missed payments and boost customer engagement throughout the process. Learn more about enhancing A/R collection techniques. 6 Tips to Maximize Cash Collections

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How to Encourage User Adoption of Mobile Payment Options

As mobile payment options continue to gain prominence, businesses and organizations across various industries — especially healthcare — are seeking ways to encourage user adoption of these convenient and secure digital payments. While the benefits of mobile payments are evident, some users may still be hesitant to embrace them fully.  Below, we explore healthcare payer digital transformation, challenges of user adoption and benefits of mobile payments. By understanding the barriers to adoption and employing a proven healthcare digital strategy, you can drive increased usage of mobile payments,

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4 Tips for Maximizing Efficiency With Your Healthcare Staff

Facilities can use a variety of measures to improve efficiencies in your work environment. Many techniques can relieve burnout and allow workers to focus more closely on their job responsibilities. These are a few ideas for improving medical office efficiency:  1. Prioritize Training and Development Your facility should emphasize proper training techniques for new and existing employees. In addition to initial training periods, provide regular refresher sessions on your center’s procedures. Ongoing development opportunities allow workers to recall important job components. They also give employees

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Maximize Efficiency With Your Healthcare Staff

It’s crucial to maintain productivity for your healthcare center’s success — following best practices for staffing by hiring workers who support your facility’s mission is key. Efficient employees can provide top-quality services for patients and address all necessary responsibilities. However, the efficiency of healthcare often faces challenges. Many obstacles prevent facilities from functioning at their best, from needing more staff to daily workplace challenges.  Luckily, many strategies and digital solutions can help you resolve these challenges. Learn more about improving efficiency in healthcare. It Is

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Benefits of Using Two-Way Text Messaging With Your Patients

Digital solutions help healthcare facilities build more positive patient experiences. Technology can boost engagement, accessibility and satisfaction with healthcare providers. The more satisfied patients feel, the more you can boost retention rates and revenue. One way to connect digitally with your patients is with two-way text messaging. Texting simplifies communication and allows clients to access conversations from any location. Healthcare staff can connect more closely with patients and provide helpful resources and reminders.  6 Benefits of Texting in Healthcare Implementing SMS for healthcare can simplify communication

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Utilizing Technology to Boost Patient Engagement Post-Pandemic

A word from Kevin Hidenfelter: Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Coming from a family of healthcare professionals, from doctors to nurses, counselors, and educators, drove my passion toward a career in healthcare. I am now a resident of North Carolina and live in a town called Wake Forest, which is on the north side of the triangle. I have been married for 25 years and have two wonderful children, one who just finished his first year of college and one who is now

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Cyber Insurance: What You Should Know

As cyberattacks increase in severity and frequency, businesses need to develop comprehensive security plans. Cybercriminals target sensitive online data and cost companies millions of dollars in reparations. Malicious attackers often target the healthcare industry due to its extensive amounts of confidential data. Attackers try to steal patients’ Social Security numbers, billing information, test results and countless other sensitive data types. To combat this growing issue, healthcare organizations must adopt thorough cybersecurity strategies. One way to protect yourself from financial losses from cyberattacks is with cyber

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8 Strategies for Increasing Medical Billing Efficiency

The medical billing process can be a hassle for health care organizations and patients, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn how to streamline your medical billing process so patients pay their bills on time and your practice operates efficiently.  Medical Billing Tips and Tricks Improve medical billing efficiency with these suggestions: 1. Establish a Clear Collections Process A structured collections process is the foundation of a provider’s financial stability. With clear-cut steps to follow, office staff will know how to present claims, and patients

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