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Patient Access and Recovery Solutions for Dermatology

We understand patients require many different types of care from your dermatology practice. They may have a chronic dermatological condition such as psoriasis, a suspicious mole, or a persistent rash. You want your patients to feel comfortable and valued from their first contact with you to the day of their final payment. Millennia manages your practice’s non-clinical patient experience from beginning to end and can be customized to match your workflow.


Dermatology practices face constant pressure from regulations, staffing issues, and competition. There is a critical need to improve the non-clinical experience that helps drive patient satisfaction while improving revenue. Millennia works with providers around the country to implement a unified experience that helps guide patients from the first appointment to making the final payment.

Our Solutions for Dermatology Practice Management Systems

Choose one:
  • Millennia Complete
  • Millennia Access
  • Millennia Recover

Millennia Complete combines our two comprehensive solutions: Millennia Access and Millennia Recover. Millennia Access focuses on the pre-payment side, including patient engagement leading up to the appointment, while Millennia Recover centralizes on payment recovery and patient satisfaction. While you can get both of these solutions individually, more power comes from using them together as an effortless, unified, patient-centric approach that helps you improve patient experience while increasing patient payments. 

  • Patient Engagement Intelligence: We use state-of-the-art analytics and systems to improve patient engagement — and your practice’s overall performance and revenue.
  • Integrated Patient Portal: Our web-based patient self-pay portal includes numerous tools for improving the patient journey, increasing engagement and driving revenue.
  • Mobile Payments: Our patient mobile pay solution supports efficient and convenient options — increasing your potential to receive payment, boosting patient engagement and creating a better patient journey.
  • Speech A.I.: Speech AI analyzes patient interactions to provide you with insights into patient satisfaction in the form of a report card to automate quality assurance auditing.


Millennia Access is our digital patient access solution for providers, streamlining the pre-arrival and arrival processes. The program digitizes the intake and engagement processes, alleviating your front-desk tasks. Millennia Access not only offers the pre-arrival and arrival tools in Millennia Complete but also offers these tools for providers:

  • Patient Intake: A single interface with all the tools you need for more efficient check-ins and streamlined workflows.
  • Insurance Eligibility: Your solution for managing front-end workflows across the pre-arrival and arrival stages of the patient journey including insurance eligibility and claim processing.
  • Digital forms and questionnaires: The days of handing your patient a clipboard of forms to fill out in the waiting room are over. With Millennia Access, patients can complete these forms digitally through a secure platform.
  • Virtual check-in: Patients can check into their appointment from their phone. Making this step independent frees up front-desk staff for other essential tasks, like completing paperwork and answering patient questions.


Millennia Recover is patient self-pay payment solution. We educate patients about their bills and provide straightforward payment options to increase your bottom line. Millennia Recover not only offers the post-visit tools in Millennia Complete but also includes:

  • Online payment portal: Patients can pay their bills 24/7 in an easy-to-use online portal.
  • Real-time chat service: If patients have a question about their bill, live agents are on standby to provide helpful information.
  • QR-enabled statements: The QR codes on statements allow patients to quickly scan and pay outstanding balances.
  • Performance analytics: Within the Patient Engagement Intelligence, Recover has built-in analytics for platform performance so you can see your hospital’s revenue and patient engagement.
  • Text to Pay: As a component of Mobile Pay technology, patients can elect to receive an SMS link that transfers them to the portal for quick, easy payments. 
  • Machine Learning Propensity to Pay and Targeted Engagement Modeling: Within the Patient Engagement Intelligence, we are able to gauge a patient’s propensity to pay and how each patient prefers to engage so we can deliver a more relevant experience, that ultimately leads to more revenue recovered.



Learn how Millennia can benefit your patients & your practice

Millennia becomes a vital addition to your team, managing the entire non-clinical patient experience from beginning to end based on your existing workflow. It makes life easier for your patients and your staff, eliminating frustrating  check-in processes, registration-related denials, confusing bills, collection notices – and so much more. Millennia handles everything – intake, eligibility, invoicing, and recovery. If you want a better experience for both your patients and staff, contact our team today to schedule a consultation of our patient access solution.

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