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Client Success – St. Clair Hospital

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One of Pennsylvania’s leading healthcare providers, St. Clair Hospital, is a highly honored, independent medical center that provides advanced, high quality healthcare to the residents of the South Hills region. With their vision being “A Healthy Community”, St. Clair provides care to more than 480,000 residents of southwestern Pennsylvania. Identifying and addressing unmet needs has been part of the St. Clair mission from day one and remains so today. Providing virtually every healthcare service that residents may need throughout their lives, the Hospital is focused on continuously enhancing its services and technologies to ensure that the community’s health needs are met.

While the Hospital cares for almost 300,000 patients annually, St. Clair felt that their patients were not being treated the way they wanted them handled. Patients were experiencing frustration with long wait times and they were seeing a decrease in customer satisfaction. The Hospital’s 20+ affiliated physician clinics had been Millennia clients for years with great results. Their leadership strongly suggested that the Hospital contract with Millennia as well in order to achieve the same results and create a singular patient experience across the Hospital and affiliated clinics.

The fact was, in the past customers were not receiving the best possible experience. To do so, St. Clair had the following qualifications:
• Top of the line technology including portal, mobilepay and text-to-pay and IVR and Patient Chat Services
• Fortune 500 level analtyics both internal and external
• Elite inbound and outbound call center with short wait times and low abandoment rates
• Multiple payment channels
• Autoposting to their PMS

For St. Clair, Millennia’s ability to look at the total patient financial experience was especially valuable. Through their collaborative partnership with Millennia, the Hospital is able to provide a billing and payment experience that’s aligned with what their patients expect. At the same time, Millennia has helped to generate meaningful financial results while providing 99% patient satisfaction scores. “Millennia offers our patients many more ways to pay than previously possible.

From the patient billing portal to MobilePay to photo capture of their bill to their concierge call center, we have seen the positive impact on payments and patient satisfaction. More options to pay makes it simpler and easier than ever before for our patients,” says Doug Weinbrenner, Supervisor of Patient Financial Services.

With Millennia, St. Clair Hospital was able to increase their patient satisfaction and decreased wait times to an average of below one minute. Doug Weinbrenner added, “with Millennia, our patient phone wait times decreased to near zero and our patient satisfaction increased to over 98%.” Ultimately, strong patient adoption of Millennia’s platform has completely transformed the billing experience for St. Clair patients.