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Digital and MobilePay Solutions for Healthcare

Mobile Pay

Chances are that if you’ve been a healthcare provider for any length of time, you’ve had a patient check bounce or get lost in the mail. A team member then has to try and contact the patient for replacement, or you have to pursue legal remedies like collection agencies. In any case, the experience is less than ideal for you, your organization and your patients.

Thankfully, there’s a modern solution to these challenges — Millennia Complete. Our digital patient payment solution supports efficient and convenient mobile patient payment solutions — increasing your potential to receive payment, decreasing your time to payment, boosting patient engagement and creating a better patient journey.




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Digital Patient Payments With Millennia Complete

For patients who prefer to submit their full payment post-visit, Millennia Complete gives patients post-visit digtal payment options.

Millennia Complete offers alternative ways to collect healthcare payments conveniently and securely. The solution enables patients to choose a preferred method, resulting in an improved patient payment experience. These payment methods include:

  • An online payment portal: Our web-based payment portal allows patients to review and select options that work for them from any connected device, 24/7. The convenience of online portals encourages fast and full payments, resulting in better cash flow.
  • MobilePay: Millennia Complete supports a single-click approval for payment collection that’s easy to navigate from any hand-held devices.
  • Photo-capture bill payment: Our patient self-pay payment platform enables patients to pay their bills with just a photo, streamlining the payment experience.
  • QR-coded statements: With QR codes on printed or e-statements, patients can quickly scan and pay outstanding balances.
  • Text-to-pay: Patients can elect to receive a link via SMS that transfers them directly to the portal to make fast payments.
  • Chat pay: Patients can submit payment through chat with our concierge team when inquiring about a bill.
  • Flexible payment plans: We will manage any new or existing payment plans to help balance your needs with your patients’ needs.

Advantages of Mobile Payments for Patients

Digital self-pay offers many benefits that improve the patient payment experience, including:

  • Convenience: Your patient can choose the right channels and methods for them, increasing your chances of getting paid and providing a better experience.
  • Speed: With no need to swipe cards, enter pins or provide a signature, contactless mobile pay creates faster check-outs and improved patient flow.
  • Security: Advanced encryption tools make digital payments almost hack-proof for more confidence in transaction security.
  • Availability: Unlike traditional check deposits, which are subject to funds availability policies and regulations, mobile payments quickly hit your cash flows.
  • Efficiency: Online payments settle transactions electronically, so there’s no need for a team member to deliver daily bank deposits.
  • Visibility: Digital payments create a digital history that helps patients understand their medical spending better


Simplify the Intake Process Through MobilePay
With Millennia Complete

The patient journey starts with the intake process, making it vital to perform initial steps like insurance verification efficiently to ensure a smooth patient payment experience. With Millennia Complete, you can streamline the process by leveraging our advanced patient intake software, insurance verification and patient payment estimates. This ensures the patient has the proper coverage, understands their payment responsibility and can submit their co-pay digitally before the appointment begins.

For all providers, collecting revenue after the appointment can prove to be challenging, so pre-visit mobile pay also allows willing patients to submit payment for the full cost of their appointment during the intake process to streamline their patient journey.


End-to-End Mobile Patient Payment Solutions with Millennia Complete 

You get all the tools you need for a unified patient journey through Millennia Complete — a single interface with all the functions you need. Our start-to-finish solution boasts features that:



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We’re so sure Millennia Complete will transform your organization that we’re willing to prove it to you with a no-risk, no-obligation demonstration. Take a closer look at the robust mobile payment features and all the other valuable features we’ve included. See our integrated, easy-to-use healthcare patient payment platform in action by requesting your free consultation today!

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