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Integrated Patient Portal


Integrated Millennia Patient Portal

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Adopting our easy-to-use integrated Millennia patient portal enhances the features of your current healthcare portal with digital patient payment support.

We help healthcare providers like you offer a patient self-pay portal that creates a better experience for everyone throughout the patient journey.


EHR-Integrated Patient Payment Technology

The Millennia patient portal integrates with various electronic health record (EHR) platforms and other health information systems to provide a seamless, secure and convenient way for patients to access information and make payments. EHRs contain large amounts of valuable data, and when those patient records are tied to billing, automating various processes becomes easier.

Our integrated patient payment portal features a user-friendly interface with several payment options that are compliant and secure to help you collect more revenue.

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A Secure Self-Pay Patient Portal With Millennia Complete

Our web-based payment portal offers patients the necessary information to understand and pay medical bills. With Millennia Complete, patients can seamlessly complete post-service payments and receive answers to billing and payment plan questions.

Our secure self-pay patient portal provides your patients with the best features to support their payments, including:

  • Mobile-responsive design: Our interface automatically adapts to patients’ screen size, so patients can engage with the payment portal on their preferred device — at home or on the go.
  • Text-to-pay support: If your patient chooses, they can receive a one-time link to the portal via text for quick access and payment, catering the patient journey to everyone’s unique schedules and lifestyles.
  • Saved cards: Millennia Complete includes a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard-compliant processing feature that charges a card on file with a single-approval click. Patients no longer have to dig through their wallets for their preferred card, streamlining the patient journey.
  • Payment history: Staying connected to financials is key. Patients can access all past payments through the portal to confirm payments went through and gauge expenses for different types of appointments.
  • Detailed expenses: The payment portal does more than show overall costs for appointments — it breaks the charges into individual items. Patients can view the costs associated with a single payment to gain a better understanding of the services they received and what they’re paying for. This transparency is valuable for patient engagement.

Benefits of Millennia Patient Portal Integration

Implementing our patient billing portal gives you many benefits, like:

Streamlining Administrative Work

Eliminate the time-consuming task of manually processing patient checks with our digital patient payment solutions. Millennia Complete streamlines administrative work and helps you get paid faster.

Facilitating Communication

Allow your patient to complete tasks that may have required staff to take a phone call digitally. If the patient has billing questions, they can use the patient portal to engage with our concierge team through email, phone or chat on your behalf. For you and your team, that independence means better prioritization and more efficiency.

Protecting Data Security

Protect your patient’s information with our secure, PCI/DSS Compliant integrated payment portal.

Increasing Patient Satisfaction

Strengthen your reputation and patients’ perceptions of you with more accessibility. Patients can view statements and payment history, adjust statement preferences and pay their bills all through the integrated portal log-in.

Driving Revenue

Engaged and satisfied patients lead to more visits and on-time payments. These factors drive revenue for your organization and help you see long-term growth.

Take Full Advantage of Our Integrated Patient Payment Portal With Millennia Complete 

Millennia Complete is a holistic solution for the entire patient journey, starting from before the initial appointment and leading up to the final payment. Our integrated patient payment software features tools for improving patient engagement and experience to increase revenue.

Millennia Complete makes powerful end-to-end management a reality by bringing together all the tools you need for:



Our Industry Service and Results

When we realized modern healthcare providers’ needs for better solutions, we created one. Millennia Complete is ideal for various healthcare settings, from small practices to large facilities. Our success stories include truly astonishing results for you to explore in-depth.



Improve Experiences and Efficiency With Millennia Complete

Millennia Complete is the only true end-to-end solution on the market, developed from an in-depth understanding of provider needs. See our integrated patient portal in action with a free consultation. We’ll gladly introduce you to all our other great features, too. Schedule your no-risk consultation today to see how easy and powerful modernization can be!

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