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Millennia Access

Your Solution for The Patient Intake Process

Millennia Access

Mobile Forms

Incomplete intake forms, missed appointments, time-consuming manual processes, high insurance claim denial rates — does any of that sound familiar?

Your patients may be equally as frustrated with their pre-visit experience — 25% of patients surveyed reported that as their least favorite part of their patient journey.

There’s another way. Millennia Access can eliminate those challenges by creating a better experience for your patients with a single solution for front-end processes. We simplify it all from pre-arrival to arrival. We do this by building digital engagement with every patient, optimizing the patient journey with ease of access and creating revenue growth with more engaged patients.



Patient Access Solution With Real-Time Integration

Choose one:
  • Custom Control over Patient Experience
  • Powerful Tools to Streamline Pre-Arrival
  • Robust Support for Patient Intake Process and Arrivals

Put power into your patients’ hands with Millennia Access — an industry-leading digital patient access tool.

Integrate Millennia Access with your existing system to employ a range of easy-to-use features. Our platform offers fully custom control for you and an interactive experience for patients, including:

  • Support for multiple providers: Millennia Access handles unlimited locations, provider types and service lines. You can tailor each of these according to your needs with custom provider rules.
  • Communication options: Staying in touch with patients leading up to their appointments is key to engagement. Send appointment confirmations and reminders and share waitlist status to provide a positive patient experience.



Make the first step of the patient journey seamless with Millennia Access. Our full-featured solution includes all the functionality you need to improve the revenue cycle by streamlining intake with digital processes which improve accuracy and reduce denials. With patient access tools via Millennia Access, you can:

  • Meet the No Surprise Act’s obligations: Our software automates the process of running eligibility and delivers the most precise good faith estimates of care costs possible.
  • Retire the clipboards: Millennia Access collects patient questionnaires and consent signatures quickly and digitally.
  • Automate appointment reminders: We include functions that fully manage the patient reminder process, freeing up staff for more critical work.
  • Make the rules: Millennia Access is an agile platform allowing you to set custom parameters for appointment types, locations and service lines.
  • Boost cash flow: Our payment processing integration and tools such as mobile pay, let you capture patient payments upfront.


Payment Estimation

Provide an arrival experience that exceeds patient expectations, matches their preferences and drives revenue for the long term. Millennia Access makes it possible with features that:

  • Give patients a choice of check-in channels: Our software supports various methods, including mobile, kiosk and virtual check-ins.
  • Keep them informed while they wait: Your patients’ time is important to them — respect it with waiting room boards and proprietary algorithms to provide up-to-the-minute status and complete transparency.
  • Reach patients where they are: Millennia Access makes patient communication easy with automated and on-demand text messaging for one patient, a related group or the entire practice base.
  • Communicate with authorized representatives: We’ve included the option to keep families informed throughout the patient’s clinical encounter to ease their uncertainty.
  • Empower your team: Millennia Access allows you to prioritize patients by provider or service level and gives your team visibility into the patient journey.


Pre Arrival
Full Functionality for Improving Your Fundamentals

Meet regulatory obligations, convey respect and transform cash flow with our integrated tools. Our patient access solutions make this happen by:

  • Reducing missed appointments.
  • Avoiding incomplete patient information.
  • Lowering the potential of an insurance claim denial.
  • Increasing your chances of receiving upfront payments and those on previous balances.
  • Removing stress from front-desk team members.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Millennia Access has achieved exceptional results for small specialist practices, large post-acute care facilities and every provider in between. Our easy-to-use online patient access and front-end solution boast:

  • A patient adoption rate of 93%
  • Patient satisfaction reports of 98%
  • A patient payment increase of 210%

You don’t have to take our word for it. Read our case studies to see the results we’ve driven for healthcare organizations like yours with Millennia healthcare tools.

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Patient Pre-Arrival and Arrival Solutions


See Why Millennia Access is the Best Patient Access Platform and Front-End Solution

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