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Digital Patient Engagement Platform


Digital Patient Engagement Platform

Enhancing patient engagement is key to increasing satisfaction, driving revenue and creating ongoing relationships. Patients who are highly involved are more likely to keep appointments and pay the bills for your services — a must for any provider in today’s environment where costs are increasing and value perception isn’t keeping pace.

Millennia is an industry leader in patient engagement solutions. We rely on powerful automation and advanced technology to create personalized and relevant patient experiences. As a result, your organization gains more efficiency, boosts cash flow and increases patient satisfaction.


millennia patient services example of patient engagement platform through text messages
Millennia Access Is Your Patient Pre-Arrival and Arrival Engagement Solution

With Millennia Access, you automate parts of the pre-arrival and arrival process with our digital patient engagement platform tools like:

  • Automated confirmations and reminders: Enable patients to manage their busy schedules better. Millennia Access automatically sends appointment reminders via text message, freeing your team from routine phone calls.
  • Automatic verification and estimating: Capture crucial insurance and demographic information before arrival. You gain more confidence in payment, and your patient gets more visibility into their services and costs.
  • Contactless payment processing: Increase your chances of payment at arrival with easy-to-use payment processing features. Our contactless system also features security measures to protect patient information.

Millennia Recover Is Your Patient Engagement Platform For Post-Visit

Millennia Recover is our solution for digital patient engagement and patient experience during the post-visit phase of the journey. We’ve designed this part of our patient engagement tools and solution to increase interaction with digital tools and capabilities.

Digital Engagement Tools

With Millennia Recover, you get a full suite of digital patient engagement strategies and tools to increase your potential of receiving payment and deliver business intelligence, such as:

  • Digital payment options: Our solution includes various ways for patients to pay, including MobilePay, text-to-pay, QR codes, a secure patient portal and other options.
  • Live chat: Patients can get answers to their questions or discuss their options online with a live patient payment agent for better patient communication.
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence: Our proprietary technology lets us gauge propensity to pay and understand exactly how and when patients want to engage so we can deliver a more relevant experience.
  • Real-time analytics: Millennia Recover includes built-in analytics to give you actionable insights into performance and engagement metrics.


Personal and Customized Concierge

At Millennia, we recognize the need for more personal assistance for some patients. Our concierge team serves as an extension of your own and offers your patients outstanding, white-label solution to:

  • Promote collaboration: We focus on understanding patient needs and preferences as well as your organizational ones to create common ground.
  • Manage payment plans: Millennia’s concierge team handles the management, research and customer contact for current and new patient financing plans.
  • Provide financial counseling: Our U.S.-based agents are highly qualified and explain each repayment option to help patients make more informed decisions.


Millennia Complete Is The Total Solution

Millennia Recover and Access combine to make Millennia Complete, a leader in patient engagement solutions. Millennia Complete delivers higher patient response through a tailored experience from beginning to intake to end payment. Leverage them both for true end-to-end management of your non-clinical processes — now everything’s completeSM!


Highlights of Our Customer Results

Our customers consistently choose Millennia Complete because we created a unified, integrated platform for better managing front-end needs and the patient journey across various practice types. The success stories say it all, like:



Learn how Millennia can benefit you and your practice

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