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Millennia Complete

Your End-to-End Solution for Patient Engagement and Payment

Millennia Complete is our unified solution for a patient’s journey. It can help with everything from scheduling a patient’s first appointment to making their final payment. Our program helps take the confusion and frustration out of a patient’s non-clinical care, helping to prevent missed appointments, denials, late payments, poor reviews and incomplete patient information.

The Millennia Complete approach will increase your revenue while improving your patients’ experience. With us, leading providers nationwide can see enhanced results in several sectors of their practices, ranging from satisfaction to payments.

When you use our program, NOW EVERYTHING’S COMPLETE

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What’s Included in Millennia Complete?

While you can get both of these solutions individually, more power comes from using them together as an effortless, unified, patient-centric approach that helps you increase payments. Millennia Complete helps you efficiently and easily handle non-clinical operations.

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Millennia Access

With Millennia Complete, you will have Millennia Access. This program helps you streamline patient scheduling, pre-arrival and arrival processes. You will have increased control while also providing patients with more flexibility. They can choose how, from who and when they will receive service.

Millennia Access helps you stay ahead of front-desk matters to improve the waiting room and appointment experience for everyone at your practice, including employees and patients. It helps you meet regulatory requirements with transparent identity validation, eligibility verification and estimations.

Other areas Millennia Access covers include:

  • Reminders
  • Authorizations
  • Forms
  • Pre-payments
  • Registration
  • Waitlists
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Millennia Recover

After the appointment, it is important to keep patients engaged for billing and payments with Millennia Recover. Millennia Recover is a patient-focused technology and concierge service that helps them gain more insight and education about what they owe and how to pay it. The program assists providers with increasing patient payment collections in a user-friendly way that results in high patient satisfaction.

Healthcare service providers need to meet their patients’ high expectations. You can easily use Millennia Recover to do that. Giving patients access to Millennia Recover allows them to easily use simple yet modern technology while still providing a human touch to their experience with support.

The Millennia Recover portion of Millennia Complete helps you focus on these core areas:

  • Engagement intelligence
  • Concierge services
  • Technology

Why Choose Millennia Complete Patient Experience Management Software?

Out of all the methods to connect with your patients, Millennia Complete offers numerous benefits to help you succeed in all the right ways. Insights into our expansive program speak for themselves:

  • Leading providers on a national scale see two to four times the national average of payments recovered.
  • There is a 93% patient adoption rate for providers using our service.
  • Millennia Complete also offers a 98% patient satisfaction rate.
  • Providers have experienced up to a 210% increase in patient payments.

Who Is Millennia?

At Millennia, we saw a need for improved patient and provider experience in the healthcare sector and knew we had to take steps to fulfill it. Our core goal has always been to improve patient engagement, which we do with our Millennia Complete package. 

We help you provide your patients with the necessary education to understand and pay their bills. Our patient experience software covers everything to ensure providers’ work runs smoothly and improves cash flow while pleasing patients.

Currently, we serve over 1,700 facilities across the United States, and our service handles over $400 million in payments yearly. We help make your desk staff’s and billing department’s lives easier, all to improve the patient experience. 

Our U.S.-based team operates as part of your brand. We support communication between patients and providers in all the right ways to help you all succeed.

Who Does Millennia Serve?

We serve several healthcare provider areas, including:

  • Medical groups
  • Physician offices
  • Emergency centers
  • Ambulatory surgical centers
  • Post-acute care
  • Hospitals
  • Health systems

Contact Us Today to Schedule a Demo of Millennia Complete Healthcare Patient Experience Solutions

If you’re looking for a patient experience solution that enhances communication and improves payment records, choose Millennia Complete. Our combination service provides extensive assistance, from appointment scheduling to every payment after. We help improve the patient experience and, ultimately, their outlook on your company.

Please contact Millennia today to request a demo of Millennia Complete and learn how it creates a unified patient solution. 

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