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Millennia Recover

Customized payment technology and tools that drive patient satisfaction and revenue for your business

Millennia Recover is our customized payment technology that helps boost patient satisfaction and practice revenue. Our patient billing software focuses on educating, informing and engaging patients. 

When a patient interacts with you, they expect high-quality service, just as they would with any other business. Our modern technology allows you to provide these top-notch services.

Patient Engagement Technology

Our patient payment solutions are mobile-enabled to provide convenience and accessibility from anywhere.

The Millennia Recover patient payment platform also provides transparency into patient bills, including balances due and past activity. Your team can use the software to see performance and insights into patient accounts in real-time.

Our patient engagement services include:

  • MobilePay: Our propensity to pay and engagement model powers Millennia MobilePay. The service sends SMS messages about new balances and one-click PCI-compliant payments with the credit card on file. It will also show your patients their past statements.
  • Online payment portal: Our payment portal is mobile friendly and easy to use. Your patients can use it 24 hours a day from any device.
  • Photo capture bill payments: With this feature, all your patients need to do is take a picture to pay their bills.
  • Text to pay: Our system will text your patients a link to the payment portal.
  • Real-time chats: Live agents address questions and concerns about patient bills and other account information.
  • QR-enabled statements: Our service provides automated, customized electronic and print statements with QR codes the patient can scan to make payments quickly.
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Engagement Intelligence

Millennia Recover analyzes patient payment and engagement history with an algorithm to drive intelligent patient communication. It uses this information to engage with your patients when, where and how they prefer. 

Our engagement intelligence helps Millennia Recover create a tailored approach for your patients. It also provides you with relevant insights into Millennia’s performance. With Millennia Recover, you’ll get:

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  • Targeted engagement modeling: Targeted engagement modeling works with our machine learning propensity to pay engine. Together, they analyze trends and behaviors to provide the right engagement solutions when and how a patient prefers.
  • Speech AI: Our service uses artificial intelligence to analyze patient engagement. The analysis helps with agent quality assurance and identification of trending triggers.
  • Real-time analytics: Millennia Recover has built-in analytics for immediate insights into the platform’s performance.
  • Automated account validation: Our patient payment software validates everyone put into the system to ensure it is in sync with yours as our team engages with your patients.
  • Robotic process automation: We offer built-in automated processes that help solve complex issues and reduce your staff’s repetitive tasks.
  • Machine learning propensity to pay: We use millions of data points from our patient base with our machine learning technology to create customized approaches on individual patient levels.

Concierge for Patient Payment Processing

Millennia Recover offers concierge services for patients who require human-led assistance. We have experienced agents based in the United States to help. 

While most payment interactions between provider and patient occur via the digital world, sometimes patients want or need live help. Our agents can solve their complex issues and answer tough questions with compassion. 

Our team will handle all inbound and outbound calls while aligning with your brand, allowing us to become part of your work culture. We will treat your patients as if they were our own. Benefits of our concierge services include:

  • Financial counseling: Our staff will help your patients understand their rights and responsibilities. We’ll also help them learn their options for repayment. These efforts foster collaboration.
  • Payment plan management and patient financing: We will manage any new or existing payment plans to help balance your and your patients’ needs. Our team helps find common ground and affordable payment paths.
  • Omnichannel support: We will work with the patient on their preferred method, whether they want calls, texts or emails.
  • Escalation and research teams: Our staff looks into any issues and finds resolutions so that we don’t have to send any problems to you.
  • White-labeled engagement: We align our work with your branding to inform customers that we are your trusted partner, helping to eliminate confusion.
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Millennia Recover is here to help you and your patients:

  • Enhances patient education and guidance around the billing process
  • Promotes up-front and on-time payments
  • Reduces late payments, write-offs, and bad debt expense
  • Relieves billing department stress
  • Dramatically accelerates cash and patient collections
  • Increases patient satisfaction through more prompt and convenient outreach

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If you need post-visit patient online payments software, choose Millennia Recover. Our solution can help you see over 98% patient satisfaction while increasing payments by up to 210%.

Please schedule a demo for Millennia Recover today to learn more and see how with us, now everything’s complete℠.

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