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Virtual Health – are you ready?

As we begin to move into a post-COVID-19 world, virtual health is moving to the forefront. Virtual healthcare versus telehealth, refers to the many ways healthcare providers interact with their patients remotely. It is the “virtual visits” that take place between providers and their patients via communications technology. The shifting healthcare landscape has seen a rapid expansion in the adoption of virtual health and early adopters of robust virtual health initiatives have kept pace with the quickly and ever-changing healthcare market. The coronavirus completely upturned

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To Pre-Admit or NOT to Pre-Admit?

(That is the question.) Almost sixteen years ago I was employed by a for-profit ACS, and I was asked to take on the function of pre-admitting all scheduled surgical patients within one week of the procedure. As I saw it, my primary duties were to schedule surgeries, admit surgical patients the day of the procedure, manually enter all daily OR charges (can you imagine?), follow up on open insurance accounts receivable, and to take inbound customer service calls from patients. Whew. And my bosses expected

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Enchiladas… and Accountable Care Organizations

Striving for a “Platinum Star” Through Healthcare Reform As many of you already know, networking in healthcare is an amazing activity. Upon reaching out to a new contact, an email may one day land in your Inbox with something in the subject line such as “Enchiladas and Accountable Care Organizations”. Once the chuckling subsides, the realization hits that you have a new friend in healthcare half way across the country who understands the craziness of the business you’re in—and that a simple recipe for enchiladas

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