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Real-Time Health Insurance Eligibility Verification


Digital Health Insurance Verification and Eligibility Software

Verifying insurance eligibility is a key part of revenue cycle management. Without it, your front desk staff may be overwhelmed and generating revenue becomes more challenging. Manually completing medical insurance eligibility verifications takes time and can increase the chances of human errors and denied claims. These verification processes can also expose your patients to more financial risk. There’s a better way to protect patients’ wallets and stop your practice’s revenue bleed — Millennia Patient Payment Solution. 


Automated Insurance Verification Capabilities

The Millennia Patient Payment Solution manages front-end workflows during the pre-visit stage of the patient journey. Our powerful digital health insurance verification portal includes:

  • Pre-visit or real-time insurance eligibility verification: Confirm your patient’s insurance information is correct and potential treatment is covered at check-in with our insurance verification. Our technology automatically handles the validation with the payer.
  • Digital patient data capture: Reduce potential claim submission errors by unifying consent and demographic data into one easy-to-use interface. Our insurance verification tool supports digital completion and signatures.
  • Good Faith Estimates: Our patient payment estimation tool allows you to create care cost estimates efficiently and accurately
Payment Estimation
Benefits of Real Time Insurance Verification

Who knew one automated process could offer so many benefits? We did — that’s why we put it in our solution!

  • Streamlines the check-in process: You can say goodbye to lost paperwork with digital consent and data capture. Automation means less frustration for your team and patients.
  • Supports better time management: Time-consuming manual calls aren’t necessary with Millennia’s solution. Your front-desk staff can concentrate on core tasks while our software handles the verification process automatically.
  • Helps simplify claims processing: Our research indicates almost half of all claim denials result from issues in front-end processing. Automated verification services allow you to concentrate on clean claims and increase your confidence in getting paid.
  • Generates higher patient satisfaction: Letting your patients know the cost of their care upfront isn’t just about the law — patients also want that visibility. The insurance verification portal helps them stay in control of their finances and improves your chances of getting their payment at point-of-service, too.

Millennia Patient Payment Solution

The Millennia Patient Payment Solution completely unifies the patient journey from pre-visit to final payment. 

Our solution allows your business to coordinate all your front-end, non-clinical processes through a single platform. Our technology includes functionalities for:


How We’ve Helped Other Healthcare Organizations

Millennia supports all kinds of providers, from specialists to generalists and small to large facilities. Want to learn more about the results we’ve delivered? Check out our success stories. You’ll find game-changing statistics like how we helped:

  • Increase patient satisfaction to 98%
  • Improve patient payment rates by 125% for our customers



See What Millennia Can Do for You

We’ll show you how easy it is to use the digital insurance verification portal to streamline the health insurance verification process— and all the other features of Millennia Patient Payment Solution. It only costs a few minutes of your time to see what we can do for your business. Start improving your claims management and bottom line by connecting with us to schedule a consultation today!

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