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Precise Patient Payment Estimation Solution


Patient Payment Estimation Solution

Payment Estimation
The No Surprises Act changes have made it necessary for many providers to give patients a good-faith estimate of the charges they’ll incur for scheduled care at the time of service. This act aims to protect consumers from unexpected bills, yet it’s created another process for many healthcare organizations — comparing patient insurance coverages against care costs.

Millennia provides comprehensive patient estimation solutions to some of the biggest hurdles in compliance and payment transparency.




The Challenges With Estimates

In most cases, healthcare delivery involves more than a provider and a patient. It also involves a third-party payer that has contracted different rates with various providers. Adding this layer to organizational discount policies, service coding and other factors can create more complexity.

Plus, manually completing the estimate process means an employee spends more time calling payers and assessing service costs. When this communication happens during intake, it can lead to increased patient wait times and appointment delays.

With Millennia, meeting legal obligations, managing your schedule, driving revenue and satisfying your patients are all within reach with our patient estimation platform. Our patient payment solution builds digital patient engagement, improves the patient journey and increases your patient self-pay revenue recovery rate.

Generate Estimates Automatically With Our
Healthcare Patient Payment Estimation Solution

The Millennia solution helps healthcare professionals manage non-clinical pre-arrival and arrival workflows more effectively. Our patient estimation solution automates compliance with the No Surprises Act by giving your front-desk team a three-step process to:

  • Capture crucial data electronically: Digital capture lessens the chance of human error, leading to better claims submissions and fewer denials.
  • Verify current patient insurance coverage: Our solution automatically handles the validation process, eliminating the need for time spent calling payers.
  • Present the patient with legal notice: Your organization creates care cost estimates quickly and accurately, optimizing patient flow.
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Benefits of Automated Payment Estimates

Using our solution’s patient payment estimation features to modernize your organization delivers benefits like:

  • Improving the patient experience: Greater cost visibility and on-time appointments increase patient satisfaction rates. Higher satisfaction leads to a higher rate of return to the office and a more positive reputation overall.
  • Boosting the chances of point-of-service payments: When patients understand the costs involved, they’re more prepared to pay on the spot for immediate impact on your cash flow. Gain more revenue in the long run and earn upfront more often with our point-of-service payment estimation solution.
  • Enhancing productivity: Less time spent calling payers means more time to focus on patient care and other revenue-generating practice improvements.
  • Reducing administration costs: Automating repetitive tasks allows you to leverage technology for increased savings and better resource allocation, leading to a significant impact on your bottom line.
  • Maintaining consistency: Our technology can help you discover — and fix — errors in real-time to prevent payment delays.
  • Supporting better patient decision-making: For those with no insurance or high-deductible plans, estimates help them control their out-of-pocket spending and make more informed healthcare choices.

Millennia Patient Payment Solution 

The Millennia Patient Payment Solution completely unifies the patient journey from pre-visit to final payment.

Our solution increases engagement among your patients with digital tools, creates positive patient journeys and builds revenue for your practice. You have an easy-to-use interface with robust functionality for:



Let Us Show You How It Works

The modern healthcare provider faces unique real-time challenges to deliver better experiences more efficiently while saving on expenses and driving revenue. That’s exactly what Millennia’s solution helps you achieve. See our patient self-pay estimation tool — and all the other valuable features — for yourself with a no-cost demo. Connect with us online to reserve your time today!

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