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Nine tips for collecting patient balances

Collecting copayments and coinsurance is challenging because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Practices have been creative during COVID-19 to ensure safe patient access: Telephone visits. Curbside immunizations. Drive-up virus testing. Even checking patients in for their in-office visits while they wait in the car. However, each of these scenarios poses one significant challenge: Collecting copayments and coinsurance. “With COVID-19, you’ve got to find ways to meaningfully engage the patient,” says Denny Flint, chief commercial officer at Millennia, a tech-enabled patient engagement company specializing in the recovery

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The Importance of Patient Satisfaction

In the everchanging healthcare climate, organizations are working rigorously to improve patient satisfaction and the patient experience, beginning pre-service through both clinical and financial interactions. Patient satisfaction is more important than ever due to increased competition and other market activity, and there are numerous factors affecting outcomes when measuring it: ease of scheduling, check-in, short wait times, quality provider interaction and communication, seamless billing…the list goes on and on. Patient satisfaction is not necessarily about the patient’s experience but ultimately about whether a patient’s preconceived

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Patient Payment Options

As COVID-19 continues to spread, revenue cycle and billing executives are trying to adapt and form strategies to better cope with disruptions to their revenue cycle. Pre-pandemic, many healthcare providers were already struggling to develop collection strategies in the era of high-deductible health plans but putting new strategies in place during an emergency can be nearly impossible. Not only are healthcare organizations seeing disruptions, but there is also a significant impact of the pandemic on medical billing for the patient community to contend with. Fear

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Educate Patients of Their Healthcare Financial Obligation

In years past, insurers (i.e. Medicare, BCBS) have traditionally been recognized as the healthcare payers; however, in the current healthcare landscape the patient is a significant payer for healthcare services. From 2002 to 2016 patient responsibility for healthcare costs rose dramatically, from under 10% to over 30%. This transfer of responsibility has created monetary challenges for providers and patients alike. Prior to the patient becoming the payer, providers didn’t consider revenue loss related to patient payment a high priority. The priority has always been collecting

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Virtual Health – are you ready?

As we begin to move into a post-COVID-19 world, virtual health is moving to the forefront. Virtual healthcare versus telehealth, refers to the many ways healthcare providers interact with their patients remotely. It is the “virtual visits” that take place between providers and their patients via communications technology. The shifting healthcare landscape has seen a rapid expansion in the adoption of virtual health and early adopters of robust virtual health initiatives have kept pace with the quickly and ever-changing healthcare market. The coronavirus completely upturned

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To Pre-Admit or NOT to Pre-Admit?

(That is the question.) Almost sixteen years ago I was employed by a for-profit ACS, and I was asked to take on the function of pre-admitting all scheduled surgical patients within one week of the procedure. As I saw it, my primary duties were to schedule surgeries, admit surgical patients the day of the procedure, manually enter all daily OR charges (can you imagine?), follow up on open insurance accounts receivable, and to take inbound customer service calls from patients. Whew. And my bosses expected

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Normal is far from Normal

Life is a fickle beast. It’s hard to believe, life as we knew it has ceased to exist. Every aspect of our lives is being changed and we have a choice, strap in for the ride or be the change that we want to see. Fast forward to today, just 90 days into 2020 and we are faced with some of the most challenging decisions we could have imagined. Most of us have had to implement our Disaster Response plans and are working through the

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COVID-19 Plan and Response

With the growing concern and spread of COVID-19, Millennia would like to assure our customers that we are meticulously monitoring the situation through reputable sources such as the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. Our primary focuses in this effort have been the overall safety of our colleagues and ensuring we have no interruption or impact to servicing our clients or their patients. We are confident that our approach and plan will ensure we accomplish these goals, while also securing and protecting

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Enchiladas… and Accountable Care Organizations

Striving for a “Platinum Star” Through Healthcare Reform As many of you already know, networking in healthcare is an amazing activity. Upon reaching out to a new contact, an email may one day land in your Inbox with something in the subject line such as “Enchiladas and Accountable Care Organizations”. Once the chuckling subsides, the realization hits that you have a new friend in healthcare half way across the country who understands the craziness of the business you’re in—and that a simple recipe for enchiladas

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