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How Dermatology Practices Can Use Technology to Increase Revenue

01 How Dermatology Practices Can Use Technology To Increase Revenue

Health information technology constantly evolves to meet the ever-changing needs of practices and clinics. New solutions emerge almost daily, giving providers tools to keep up with trends and meet unique patient demands. 

Dermatology practices can use technology to boost patient engagement and stay ahead of the competition by increasing profits and strengthening relationships. Trust Millennia to help you take your strategy to the next level, increasing dermatology office revenue using top-notch tech. 

The Benefits of Technology for a Dermatology Practice

Technology can empower any organization to reach its goals and initiatives, but dermatology providers can see unparalleled benefits. Reliable solutions can significantly improve patient experiences and encourage practices to find more efficient processes to reduce costs and collect more revenue. 

Dermatology practices can use technology to reap rewards like these. 

  • Improved patient care: Quality care is the priority in healthcare. Delivering exceptional services impacts each patient’s well-being and affects your practice’s overall success. Technological advancements allow practices to reduce or eliminate tedious, error-prone manual processes. Automation lets providers collect and access patient data faster. With online tools, providers can interact with patients at crucial moments to ensure they receive the care they need.
  • Increased efficiency: Digital solutions can create efficiency by having technology automate tasks like insurance verification and payment estimates. Particularly for specialty providers, patients often don’t know what their insurance covers. Automated insurance verification and estimate tools provide patients with transparency while reducing your staff’s workload. 
  • Boosted flexibility: A significant advantage of embracing technology in healthcare is the added flexibility your patients can receive. Advanced tools can streamline the intake process and provide the digital payment options patients have come to expect. 
  • Preserved security and data: Securing and protecting sensitive information is crucial in healthcare. Implementing safe technological solutions with built-in robust security is essential for preventing security breaches while enhancing patient trust. 

How to Boost Dermatology Revenue With Technology

Dermatology offices need a steady cash flow to continue providing quality care and investing in advanced solutions to further enhance patient outcomes. Some aspects of the payment process can be challenging to control, but technology can boost your bottom line. Here’s how you can use technology to impact revenue.

1. Increase Patient Engagement


You can improve dermatology revenue cycle management by boosting communication and reducing no-shows. Encourage people to arrive on time with online tools like appointment reminders. Direct communication through two-way text messaging can also strengthen relationships and demystify billing.

Millennia uses patient engagement intelligence to enable providers to connect with patients, improving patient engagement and boosting cash flow. This solution uses state-of-the-art systems and analytics to increase patient financial communication. For example, one patient may prefer to get a bill reminder via text, while another would rather get a paper statement. Either way, you can reach people where they are to enhance revenue cycle management. 

2. Provide Patient-Centric Payment Options

Controlling the payment process can be simple with the right tools. Too often, offices struggle to collect timely payments. In some cases, practices must dedicate resources or time trying to reach a patient for payment or even write it off as bad debt. This process can be lengthy, inconvenient and hurt your bottom line. 

Reducing the likelihood of these outcomes is the best way to create a more ideal experience and increase your potential of receiving on-time payments. Mobile and digital pay options are often more convenient and can reduce the chances of a patient getting lost down the line. Self-service options and payment methods like online portal access, photo-capture bill pay, QR-coded statements, chat pay, text-to-pay and flexible payment plans put control in the patient’s hands. People can pay from their phone, bolstering revenue while highlighting your practice as accommodating and caring to new and existing patients. 

3. Boosting Referrals and Retention

Another excellent way to enhance your cash flow is by boosting referrals and operating with retention strategies to ensure you provide quality care and a smooth experience from first appointment to final payment for both new and existing patients. New technology offers unique opportunities for practices to achieve these goals by providing insights and analyzing trends and shifts that impact patient retention. For instance, Millennia’s Speech AI provides quality assurance for phone calls and offers insights regarding engagement levels over time. Dermatology practices can use this information to identify what’s working and what isn’t in order to improve patient experience and advocacy.

How Millennia Can Help Dermatology Offices

Millennia helps dermatology practices improve patient engagement in order to grow your revenue. We help you collect patients payments, so your team can focus on delivering quality care. 

Consider these innovative ways to transform your business.

  • Patient-focused payment preferences: Digital and mobile payment solutions let patients pay when the time is right for them, increasing your chances of getting paid. The Millennia Patient Payment Solution provides multiple patient-focused payment options, including mobile pay, photo-capture bill payment, text-to-pay, chat pay, portal payments and other support-driven solutions. 
  • Easy access to an integrated patient payment portal: Our online payment portal allows patients to access their information and easily make payments. This user-friendly, white-labeled tool automatically adapts to screen size and offers services like text-to-pay support and itemized billing. Your patients can quickly understand their bills, appointments and other essential information.
  • Specific dermatology insurance eligibility verification: Determining insurance eligibility is a crucial but time-consuming task in revenue cycle management. Millennia has the solution for practices looking to streamline this process. Our verification portal can automatically verify patient eligibility and create cost estimates for care services. 

Find Personalized Solutions for Your Practice With Millennia

Millennia offers a better way to get everything done. Our focus on patient engagement makes it easier for millions to understand and pay their bills. Our top-notch technology, combined with an expert team of patient support specialists and engagement intelligence, fosters a patient-centric experience, improving patient outcomes, staff satisfaction and your practice’s cash flow. We have improved patient revenue recovery for our dermatology clients, with one client seeing a lift from 28% to 84% of patient revenue collected. Request a consultation from Millennia to see how our solution can impact your bottom line. 

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